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2016 CSA Membership Form

2016 CSA Agreement and Membership Form Member Information Name(s):_______________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Email:____________________ Members will receive an e-mail confirmation and receipt. More information will be provided by email before deliveries begin. This is an exclusive membership that is the foundation of local farm to the kitchen table movement. CSA: Community Supported Agriculture.      In exchange for purchasing a … Continue reading

2016 CSA

SweeTerra Farm 2015

Yesterday was out first day selling at the Market at Boyer’s Junction. It was a great day . We set a good marker to start the season. Next week will even be better. Each week we hope to build on what our harvests yield with the weather in our favor…fingers crossed. We are collaborating with … Continue reading

A New Season

Sweet sweet summer and her morning haze giving length to our days filled with rolling fields yielding her bounty and yet i say “more please”.            

SweeTerra is Growing

So far we have…          Beets, turnips, fennel, collards squash, pumpkins, 5 types of garlic, 4 types of onions and pepper seedlings coming along. Cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, herbs, peas at the ready! On the vine and taking their time….hhhmmm: Tomatoes, cabbage and beans.

Starting the season… with the sleepy soft snow.

Snow Falls Softly on the Pennsylvania Woods, the earth slumbers on as sparkling crystals dance in the sleepy wind. My mind is busy as I pour over seed catalogs and our 2014 planting spreadsheet… The promise of a new season and all it’s bounty warms the air, this is most certainly one of my favorite … Continue reading

No more GMO: Monsanto drops bid to approve new crops in Europe

No more GMO: Monsanto drops bid to approve new crops in Europe |RT.com| July 20, 2013 The world’s largest seed corporation says it has dropped its bid to get more genetically modified crops onto the European market due to the wide-spread popular opposition. The biotech giant says it will expand its share of the natural … Continue reading

BCTV: Berks Encore

A big thank you to BCTV and Berks Encore for inviting SweeTerra Farm on air to demonstrate cooking with leafy greens from our farm! The recipes are available at: https://sweeterrafarm.com/our-receipes/ The rerun of the show can be viewed at: http://www.bctv.org/special_reports/health/applauding-life-after/vmix_1fbbc084-eb2e-11e2-bbac-001a4bcf887a.html

Market Day

We are thrilled to join the Penn Street Farmers Market in Reading Pa! Below are a few pictures to tell the story of our first day taking our produce and flowers to market! Please visit our stand on Friday from 10:30-2:30 at the 800 block on Penn Street in Reading, Pa. A big thank you … Continue reading

Introduction… Thank you Tess!

Check out this amazing new post on our friends blog introducing SweeTerra! The site is also full of wonderful recipes and stories. Thank you Tess for the support and love!!! http://crappykitchen.com/