Starting the season… with the sleepy soft snow.

Snow Falls Softly on the Pennsylvania Woods, the earth slumbers on as sparkling crystals dance in the sleepy wind. My mind is busy as I pour over seed catalogs and our 2014 planting spreadsheet… The promise of a new season and all it’s bounty warms the air, this is most certainly one of my favorite … Continue reading


Did you ever notice that the sun never rests, in her absence she is actually playing her light into the other side of our world, she never rests, she continues to shine and sparkle amid the rain, amid the darkness amid all the circumstances of the atmosphere. The Sun… now that is a woman full … Continue reading


spring settles sweetly into the hills, seeping it’s sparkle into all the valleys and hidden cracks of my heart. the earth glows with anticipation. I am feeling more free than I have ever imagined possible. and in this aloof madness of my current circumstance… I am home. among the bees, amid the wild flowers and … Continue reading