We lovingly farm vegetables and a few herbs.I enjoy trying different types of vegetable and herb. I find the French, Italian and Greek versions to have better flavor. Also the unusual is interesting to me. In 2017 ( even though the stick bugs decimated my yeilds) I grew 5 types of cucumbers, 3 types of Zucchini, Jute ( from Africa…loaded and off the charts with nutrients) , Chinee Red Long Bean (off the charts with nutrients), 9 different types of squash and the list goes on. True and interesting food.

Vegetables: Most of our veggies are started from selected seeds that we have ordered from all around the world (from Mauritius to Napoli, Paris to Berks County PA!) with the intention to support the future of true heirloom fruits and vegetables while providing the best FLAVOR!

Coming soon for order:
Veggies: All our heirloom vegetables and herbs ( culinary) are grown with sun, water and dirt… no nasty chemicals, sprays, or poisons… no way! Check in with us in early March……. I will list the seeds I am germinating for early yield . Fingers crossed as Nature is the farmer’s master. I am open to requests to grow certain produce to fit dietary needs…..just jot me a line via email.



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