Welcome to an old forgotten farm. My parents bought an old forgotten farm in eastern Pennsylvania a few decades ago; I was blessed to grow up here with the brilliance of nature, woods and fields bursting with every season’s song. It was not until this year however that I finally found the courage to fully acknowledge that … Continue reading

Spring Frames

At trade talks, U.S., E.U. ready for fight on genetically modified crops

Michael Birnbaum for the Washington Post Published: May 17 LENNEWITZ, Germany — Many Europeans see American farming and its reliance on genetically modified crops as more Frankenstein than Farmer in the Dell. Now, the opposition here to U.S. agricultural practices is threatening to become a major battle in discussions starting next month that could sweep away trade barriers … Continue reading


Did you ever notice that the sun never rests, in her absence she is actually playing her light into the other side of our world, she never rests, she continues to shine and sparkle amid the rain, amid the darkness amid all the circumstances of the atmosphere. The Sun… now that is a woman full … Continue reading


spring settles sweetly into the hills, seeping it’s sparkle into all the valleys and hidden cracks of my heart. the earth glows with anticipation. I am feeling more free than I have ever imagined possible. and in this aloof madness of my current circumstance… I am home. among the bees, amid the wild flowers and … Continue reading